What Happens if I Slip and Fall at a Public Pool? May 01, 2021


With summer just around the corner, it is time to gear up for some fun pool days in the sun. Unfortunately, slip and fall accidents can happen, especially at public pools.

Public pools can not only be crowded, but they can be dangerous if the right precautions are not being taken to prevent wet and slippery areas.

Who is Responsible?

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It is the responsibility of the principal pool operators to keep all patrons safe on their property.

When you have been involved in a slip and fall accident at a public pool, you need to prove that the pool operators were negligent and failed to do their duty.

The pool operator is expected to keep all areas of the public pool safe. Even though pools can cause slippery surfaces, pool operators need to use mats made of special material to keep the area as dry and safe as possible.

Pool operators need to at least TRY to use the proper tools and techniques to keep the area clear of slip and falls. If the cause of a slip was due to the operators not using the right tools and techniques, then negligence occurred.

It is also the duty of the pool operator to inform everyone on the property of any dangers by posting signs that are clearly visible to all.

What Happens After a Slip and Fall

After being injured in a slip and fall accident in Philadelphia, always report the incident to the responsible party in addition to receiving proper medical treatment. Make sure to document everything and always talk with a lawyer to move forward with a claim.

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If the pool operators don’t do their job to keep the property safe, and you do suffer a slip and fall, you could receive damages to help with medical bills.

Of course, it is also the responsibility of every person to be careful at a public pool. For example, walk, do not run around the pool. But, if there is proven negligence by the pool operator, then you can file a claim to receive damages.

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